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The Planning Studio is a full service planning agency that is proud to provide residential master planning, resort master planning, site planning and urban design to a diverse portfolio of international clients. With over 30 years of experience, the skilled team at The Planning Studio can help you with any of your planning needs.

Our multi-disciplinary team utilizes an integrative planning and design process that takes your unique needs into consideration. No matter whether you are looking to create a public park, a corporate space or a private garden, the team at The Planning Studio will work with you to create a bespoke design that fulfills your every requirement.


California is a unique market; our landscape is vast and varied, and we tend to have more land to work with than people in other states. As site planners in California, we often have spacious corporate campus and/ or personal residence grounds to work with, and these present an exciting opportunity. That said, even the smallest physical space can be transformed into a truly unique and exciting place. We relish the opportunity to work with our clients in California, the United States and beyond. 

Master Planning

As skilled and experienced site planners, we are delighted to work with our clients to design residential projects, golf residential projects, resort projects and waterfront projects. No matter what kind of development you are working on, we can create a bespoke plan that takes all of your desires and specifications into consideration.Site planning

Site Planning

No matter what kind of development project you are working on, a site plan is deeply important to your overall success. A site plan is a comprehensive architectural plan that maps out the proposed structures and features of a development. We will work with you from the very beginning to create a site plan that meets your needs and helps to guarantee the success of your project.

Urban Planning

Design matters. When you are spending time in public parks, open squares and events arenas, a large part of your experience is dictated by the overall design of the space. Urban planning plays a large role in our daily lives, yet not everyone realises how important it can be – it focuses on the large-scale development of the overall community with the goal of making your city more sustainable and functional. The Planning Studio is dedicated to excellence in urban planning – we are ready and able to help.

Environment Planning

Whether you are planning a golf course, resort, hotel or industrial project, environmental concerns are always a concern. The skilled and experienced team at The Planning Studio are well versed in environmental planning protocol, and we can help to advise you and ensure that your project maintains, restores, and enhances the natural, cultural and economic environment.

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