Environmental Planning

environmental planningThe Planning Studio has prepared a range of environmental studies for resort, residential, commercial and industrial projects. We work with engineers and other specialty consultants to develop a comprehensive understanding of local environmental laws and regulations. We then customize the environmental study to address and conform to those regulations. Environmental impacts are thoroughly examined and mitigation measures and practices proposed to reduce those impacts and mitigate impacts.

The Planning Studio maintains a strategic working alliance with Selva Partners, a firm specializing in environmental planning and sustainable development. The Planning Studio/Selva Partners Alliance builds on a 38 year relationship between the senior principals of each firm, along with the global experience, entrepreneurial and cultural outlook that TPS and SP partners have accumulated along the way.

The TPS-Selva alliance is organized into three interactive disciplines:

  • Master Planning, Entitlement and Project Management • Sustainable Development Planning and Economics
  • Real Estate Finance and Development Ventures

Our goals as an environmental consultant are:

  • Meeting the needs of today without compromising those of future generations
  • Maintaining, restoring, enhancing the natural, cultural and economic environment • Creating self-perpetuating (regenerative) communities