Master Planning

Atlantis Resort Bahamas

Atlantis Resort Bahamas

The Planning Studio offers master planning services for a wide variety of project types. These include, but are not limited to, residential projects, golf residential projects, resort projects and waterfront projects. We have routinely worked on master plans encompassing everything from a few acres to tens of thousands of acres.

The master planning process usually begins with a 3-5 day on-site “charrette” or planning workshop. During this intense workshop, the client will gather together their development team as well as any additional team consultants, which may include surveyors, feasibility consultants, engineers, architects, golf course architects and landscape architects. We will discuss in great detail, the client’s development goals and objectives, design parameters, local zoning and entitlement processes, development programs and project themes. TPS planners will then undertake a thorough site inspection to confirm project boundaries, as well as general site conditions, access, environmental setting, principal development constraints and opportunities, general carrying capacity or optimum level of development, and the most suitable locations for various uses including golf, residential uses, commercial uses, community services and use and recreational and open space components.

We then explore with the client and their team, a variety of physical planning alternatives in order to reach a consensus on the preferred development approach. As part of this workshop process, we will develop a preliminary land utilization schedule which will address estimated land areas for each potential use, estimated unit counts, densities and estimated population counts.

Once agreement has been reached on all of these programmatic elements, we will continue the master planning process by refining the development approach and detailing of each land use to finalize use locations, densities and unit counts. We then prepare detailed master plan documents which can include detailed CADD drawings, illustrative drawings and renderings and sketches of the proposed development and detailed final land utilization schedules.