Residential Planning

Victory Heights at Dubai Sports City

Victory Heights at Dubai Sports City

The Planning Studio provides planning services including master planning and site planning for a wide range of residential projects, including single family residential, townhouse developments, multi-family development and resort residential housing. We provide you with the perfect blend of creativity and professional experience to help you complete the goals of your project in a timely manner.

When you’re creating your residential master plan you want to ensure that your project is handled swiftly, with the utmost creative care. Our team will ensure your residential master plan stays on track and will help you achieve your desired results.

A solid residential master plan will enhance the livability of the community at large and work to increase the quality of life for all residents. A great residential master plan will bring in all aspects of the built community to create an environment that serves all of its residents. In a changing world it’s important to create residential communities that not only serve the community in present day, but also well into the future.

We provide our clients with a variety of residential layouts, which seek to maximize efficiency and unit counts. Our goal is to comfortably maximize the amount of residential space you have available.

Depending on the desired project goals we strive to maximize densities, provide optimum project value through the integration of residential development with other project amenities including views, open space, and coastal and golf course frontage.

What Is Residential Master Planning?

Residential master planning is the process of creating a plan for residential communities that focuses on the needs of humans living within that community. It takes an approach that puts human needs at the center of the built environment, and seeks to maximize the interactions of people living in that space. Some elements that are central to fostering human interaction include: personal interaction, privacy, security, and convenience.

This style of planning also seeks to create places that are holistically pleasing. Meaning they are pleasing places to exist on multiple levels. To do this successfully an analysis of the individuals involved, and how to effectively serve those individuals needs to take place.

Residential planning involves both public policy and city planning, as both of these work together for the sustained development of thriving residential communities.

Our team draws from our expertise in a variety of planning disciplines, and combines this with decades of national and international experience to help create the perfect residential master plan for your project’s needs.

Let our residential master planning team take your project to new heights.

Whether you require a residential master plan for a project based in the US or internationally our team can help. Our process helps our clients meet their end goals in the most effective manner possible, all while maximizing the built space, and creating the most livable residential master plan possible.

We believe in creating and nurturing a long-term relationship with our clients, for this reason our satisfied clients come back to us time and time again. Get in touch with our dedicated team of design and planning professionals today.