Site Planning

Samoa Town Redevelopment

Samoa Town Redevelopment

The Planning Studio provides world class site planning services for sites of all sizes, from small residential lots to largest resort spaces.

The site planning services that we offer include the layout of streets and roadways, residential lot planning, parking layouts, building siting and open space design of all kinds. We also offer site planning for commercial developments, and community facility projects (including the design of roadways and parking areas).

Our award winning team can offer you and your firm a unique blend of innovation, creativity, professionalism and skill that comes from over thirty years of experience in this field. We work tirelessly to ensure that your site plans are completed in a timely fashion to the highest of international standards, and we will work with you to create a completely bespoke design that is perfect for your needs.

What is site planning?

A site plan is a comprehensive architectural plan that maps out the proposed structures and features of a development. This graphic representation usually includes sewers, garden areas, parking lots, drainage facilities, walking trails, sidewalks, lighting elements, landscaping features and the building(s) footprint itself.

A strong and well designed site plan makes all the difference when it comes to the building process. A solid site plan will not only help the construction process run smoothly, it will also enhance the livability, function and attractiveness of the area once it is completed.

Rather than create a simple built environment, a great site plan creates a community. Our customized site plans will help you to comfortably maximize your available space, augment your density and increase your overall profit margin. By working with you and listening to your needs, The Planning Studio will design a site plan that focuses on your priorities and achieves your goals.

Who is The Planning Studio?

Based in Arizona, The Planning Studio is owned by Kevin Young. Young has advanced degrees and over thirty years of experience in the site planning industry, and has won numerous awards for his domestic and international projects.

The Planning Studio believes in identifying a client’s needs and applying innovative methodologies in order to provide tangible results that tightly correspond to and surpass the brief.

Whether your project is small or on a massive scale, the team at The Planning Studio will work with you to ensure that it is completed on time, under budget and exceeding expectations. We welcome inquiries from the local area and around the globe, and are happy to discuss our site planning services at length. Call or email us today in order to learn more about how we can work together on your project.