Urban Design and Planning Services

Urban Design and Planning Services

Downtown Dubai

The Planning Studio provides urban design services for a wide variety of building projects. We provide you with the perfect blend of experience and creativity to assist you in completing the goals of your project.

When you’re working hard to complete your urban design project you’ll want the continued support of an urban design and planning firm. This will ensure you get the results you’re looking for, all within your project timeframe.

Good urban design has a whole host of benefits for the community at large. It promotes overall community health and happiness, and can even promote increased commerce through effective neighborhood design. Urban design principles can indeed promote overall community welfare and the long-term health of the population.

What Is Urban Design and Planning?

Urban design is the process of designing and shaping cities. It focuses on the large-scale development of different groups of buildings, the overall community, public spaces, etc., all with the goal of making the city or town more sustainable and functional.

Urban planning is more of a technical and political process that takes on land use and environmental issues that have overlap with urban development and building projects.

Urban planning helps to ensure the orderly development of communities. However, we also focus on sustainable urban planning to truly help your project thrive into the future.

We combine our decades of experience in urban design and planning to truly address the specific needs of your project.

Past Urban Design Projects

Since our inception we’ve been assisting our clients on both national and international levels. Take a look at some of our recently completed projects below:

  1. Our team was the principal urban designer and urban planners for the Downtown Dubai project encompassing the 416-acre Downtown Dubai district which surrounds the Burj Khalifa, the worlds tallest building.
  2. For our client, Emaar PSJC, we developed the district master plan, developed computer simulations for many of the most prominent buildings in the district and prepared a complete set of detailed design guidelines to ensure that each individual development parcel was developed in a manner consistent with the planning and design intent.
  3. We prepared a master/urban design plan for the reuse and expansion of Samoa Town, a former lumber company town in Northern California. The services we provided include planning for reuse of the community’s existing residential units, commercial, industrial and community facilities, as well as the planning of nearly 300 new residential lots on the outskirts of the community.

Our urban design and planning firm wants to help take your project to the next level.

Whether you’re completing an urban design and planning project in the US or internationally we can help. We assist our clients in visioning the development concept as well as the layout of roads and access ways, parcel design, open space planning and community services. Get in touch with our design and planning professionals today.